What’s the difference between Pro and Basic Plans?

We offer PRO and Basic plans for Weebly users and PRO plan for our direct users who register at https://www.marketgoo.com each of our plans are suited towards SMB's and small agencies who are looking forward to start with their SEO journey. 

marketgoo Basic 

Is a limited version of the service that provides a search engine submission service, weekly reports, and an entry-level marketing plan perfect for trying out marketgoo for short term and basic SEO monitoring.  

SEO Report

  • Page optimisation tool up to 3 tracked keywords
  • Limited SEO Plan with Tasks
  • Weekly Updated report and Plan
  • Monthly Progress report 
  • 3 keywords for monitoring
  • Up to 1 Competitor for monitoring 
  • Basic Email Support (Turn around time of 24-48 hrs)

marketgoo Pro 

Offers a full 360-degree view of your site, with a complete web marketing plan including detailed reports, and a customized marketing plan and tools. It also includes Search Engine Submission and analytics making it easier for you to access all the relevant metrics for understanding your SEO score.

With marketgoo PRO you get:

 SEO Report

  • Complete Customised SEO Plan with Tasks
  • Daily Updated report and Plan
  • Monthly Progress report 
  • An UNLIMITED page Optimization tool 
  • 20 keywords for monitoring
  • Up to 4 Competitors for monitoring 
  • Backlinks monitoring
  • Priority Email Support (Within 24 hrs)

Each subscription can be customised depending on your Content Management System. For WHMCS, Weebly and One.com users, we have a special version of marketgoo available that is only available on your specific platforms. 

For Weebly users, you can register for marketgoo at the Weebly app store here:

Weebly for marketgoo

For One.com users:

Getting Started with marketgoo in One.com

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