What is Pay-per-Click Advertising and should I be using it?

PPC Advertising is also known as Paid Search or Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It is when you pay for advertising on sites and/or search engines but you aren’t charged unless someone clicks on one of your ads. It usually works as an auction where you compete for positions against other advertisers.

It is often recommended that Local Businesses invest in PPC because the return they see can be very high. In general, since you are able to target who will see your ad, if implemented correctly, PPC can greatly increase traffic to your site and the number of customers you get. However there is also the opinion that SMBs should be weary of PPC because it’s still difficult to compete against companies, there’s a character limit, and it could end up being a costly mistake if it doesn’t deliver the results you were expecting.

PPC can be very complex, so we suggest educating yourself in depth on the subject, and ideally you will have someone experienced running it. 

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