How does MarketGoo Work?

What is MarketGoo?

MarketGoo is an easy to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool. It helps you to optimize your website for search engines like Google and to improve your ranking, which leads to more traffic.

To benefit from MarketGoo you don't need to be an expert in SEO nor have a lot of technical knowledge. MarketGoo explains in easy to follow steps what you can do to optimise your site and how to go about it.

First things first: How does MarketGoo work?

MarketGoo analyses your website on an ongoing basis to create a comprehensive Report in an easy to read overview and a fully customised action Plan.


  • Start
  • Insights
  • Site Review
  • On-page Optimization
  • Mobile
  • Popularity
  • Social Media


  • Tasks
  • Optimize your Pages



Your website Report starts with your overall Score; the higher the Score the better. The Score calculates with an algorithm that takes into consideration all aspects of your site that influence SEO, which shows a progress score that you can track over time.

Also, in this first part of your Report you have access to the following features:

  • Checking your scan on demand (when you’ve worked on your site and you want to see results immediately).
  • Accessing your Plan (optimizing your site is an ongoing process).
  • Downloading your Report in PDF format (very helpful for sharing, printing or sending from your marketing agency, for example)


- Search Engine Submission:

MarketGoo submits your site to the main Search Engines. You can see when your page has been indexed by Google, Bing and Yahoo. If your site is brand new, it will usually take 8-10 weeks for your site to be found. It will take at least several months, for your site to improve its ranking.

- Traffic:

Keep track of the traffic estimation your website has and its global position based on Alexa™  rank. It may take a while until you have enough visitors to display any data, especially if your site is new.

- Keyword rankings:

Check out how your site is ranking for your selected keywords with the main Search Engines; Google, Bing and Yahoo. You can see how well you are doing on the keywords you are tracking and also compare this to your competitors.

Site Review

Site Review lets you know if your site has any technical issues that you should be aware of, say for example your site's size, speed, redirects, and error pages, among other things that contribute to your visitors' experience. If these elements aren't optimised, not only will your visitors leave your page, but your position in search engines will be affected.

On-page Optimization

This is one of the most critical aspects of your site’s optimisation. The items in this section are helpful in sending traffic to your website because they act as summaries of your site content, helping your potential visitors to identify what it's about.

Search engines focus a lot on a website's user experience on your site, and whether it seems built for people and not search engines. If potential visitors see clear and accurate titles and descriptions of your site in a search engine result, they are more likely to click on it than on one that doesn't make sense to them.

Also, if you have very little visible content compared to the amount of code, or don’t have a blog, it is harder for the search engine to recognise it as a useful or credible site.


Most searches are done from mobile devices, so it is extremely important that your site is optimised for phones and tablets. MarketGoo checks how fast your site loads and tells you what you can do to make it faster.

For a website to be labeled as responsive, we check that the website fits within a range of 340/360 pixels wide window. 


The more popular your site is, the higher it will rank with search engines, that is why it is important to work on increasing the popularity of your site.

Popularity is measured by the amount of links pointing to your website. The more links, the more credible your website is. MarketGoo analyses the amount of links and tells you how you can increase them.

Social Media

How does your site do in Social Media aspect? MarketGoo tracks how often your site is shared on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Sharing on social media attracts more visitors and also helps to improve your ranking.

A lot of content is shared on social media, so it is vital that your company is present there. MarketGoo tracks how often your site has been shared in popular social media and gives recommendations on how to increase this.

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MarketGoo prepares a personalised SEO action Plan for your website.

Right after understanding the critical points to be fixed with your Report it’s time to start working on optimizing your site for Search Engines. It’s easy to follow the Plan as you have access to all of your tasks which you can order and filter by different categories so you can work step by step in an on-going basis.

Once you fix any open issue MarketGoo will scan your site to detect whether if the steps recommended has been correctly implemented. You have the option to update the tasks with your agency or webmaster so they’ll receive all the information to maintain your site on your behalf.

Optimise your pages

Keywords are the key in optimising your site. With MarketGoo Pro, it includes a dynamic page optimisation tool where you can select your monitored keywords and assign them to each page on your site. MarketGoo then helps you to fix and improve the content of every page for the keyword you assigned, making it friendlier and easier for search engines to access in order to increase your rankings over time.

Learn how to add your keywords  here.

We know using a new tool can be difficult but don’t worry. With MarketGoo you will always know what to do.

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