Your marketgoo Score Explained [2024]

Your marketgoo score measures your progress in terms of website success and it is determined by a proprietary algorithm that calculates your website’s performance based on a number of factors, both external and internal. These factors are weighted differently and include primarily your progress in the tool, so whatever the changes you do, it directly impacts the score your website has. 

Your SEO score can be useful to you in several ways, and should be used as a means to:

  • Measure success - Analyze the evolution of your score as a performance indicator in the mid to long term.
  • Identify issues - Major score decreases should warn you about website issues you need to pay attention to.
  • Compare sites - Compare your SEO score with other sites' to determine how your website is performing against your competitors.

Completing tasks to optimize your pages can help to increase your SEO score, but this work alone may not provide you with the boost you’d like to see, you’ll need to monitor and maintain your site on a regular basis to see long-term improvements in your SEO score.

How you should look at it?

  • You should analyze the progress of your score as your website performance indicator in the short term and long term for SEO.
  • Major score changes should warn you about issues on your site.
  • Every task that you complete inside the tool will indicate if you are making progress or not.

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