I acquired marketgoo through Weebly. Can I ask you for Support?

Yes definitely!

There are many ways to access support through your account, first, you should be logged in through your Weebly editor and access the marketgoo for Weebly app from there. Then once logged in, you can contact us for any questions or issues you might have and we’ll be happy to help. You can also check out their strong Community where questions get answered almost immediately. We are also available on social media, particularly on Facebook and on Twitter.

Note that Weebly customers of marketgoo are also treated as direct users of our product, meaning that you would have the same benefits as someone who purchased marketgoo directly at marketgoo.com website which includes the following depending on your subscription status. 

Normally PRO customers have access to:

  • Priority E-mail
  • Scheduled calls

For PRO users, an in-app live chat is available for access, which allows you to contact our team directly during our business hours, from 10 am to 7 pm Central Eastern European timezone.

Watch the tutorial below:

For Call schedule request available for PRO customers, please write to support@marketgoo.com.

Weebly Community:  https://community.weebly.com/

Weebly Support: 

Contact Number: 00 1 844-493-3259

You can contact their support team at www.weebly.com/app/help. Please describe the nature of the abusive activity. Please enter your email address. We'll only use it to contact you if we need additional information about this report.


marketgoo on Weebly Community: 

We try to engage with our users on Weebly, so we encourage every marketgoo for Weebly user to share their thoughts and even report issues in our community page. 


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