Why are my keywords not being ranked?

So you’ve optimized some of your pages through MarketGoo, and set your target keywords and added your competitors. As far as you’re concerned you’re doing everything you can on that page to say to tell search engines your site has a relevant content but your keywords are not being ranked on MarketGoo:

First, the basics:

Do a quick  call to Google Index in by running a search operator like this for your website:




If the results doesn't show your website, this is a red flag.  You can check our article to have an idea where to check for the issue when it comes to indexing. But if your website appears and you cannot see your keywords being ranked, the following might be the what is causing it:

- Your website is new ( Atleast  less than a month or two) This affects the manner of ranking keywords as search engines generally rank older websites.

- Your Keywords are too general/ broad and  has  a lot of competitors Picking your keywords correctly and appropriately are the essentials for a successful SEO improvement. You need to dedicate time and research appropriate keywords to your business/ niche to improve your keyword management skills and use it to optimise your website. On the other hand, the suggested keywords from MarketGoo can help you a lot for getting started.

- The site is not ranking among the first 100 in any search engine for the chosen keywords. (Yes you read it right, as MarketGoo detects only the first 100 pages of Google, it could mean that your keywords being optimised is not on the top 100.

- You have the low number of pages and content ( you need to check the number of pages and content existing on your website and start working on creating more pages for your website for it to be considered relevant. You would need to keep a healthy amount of pages in your website to rank, but remember this is a tricky value, so we suggest you could start by looking at your competitor website for reference. 

If their website has 100 web pages and you only have five, by default they are more likely to be found relevant for more search queries than you are simply because they have more content. Increasing the number of pages on your website creates the opportunity to provide specific and detailed information about each of the major products or services you offer and ideally should have the number of pages it takes to communicate what your value proposition is for each of the unique services/products you offer.)

Tip: Companies with 51-100 pages on their site generate 48% more traffic than companies with 1-50 pages. :)

If you have checked and agreed that you have met the possible reasons why the keywords are not being ranked and it still doesn't do so after some time, feel free to log a message to support@marketgoo.com and we would be happy to investigate the issue.

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