Fetch as Google (Fetch as Googlebot)

Found in Google Search Console the Fetch as Google tool allows webmasters to submit to and check the rendering of a resource in Google – simulating a visit from Googlebot.


Firebase is a Google owned mobile platform that offers a range of services for mobile app developers.

Featured Snippet

For certain queries, usually questions (i.e., who/what/where/when/why/how), Google sometimes shows a special block above the organic search results. This box contains a summary (in the form of paragraph, list, table, or video), as well as the publication date, page title, link to the webpage from which the answer originated, and URL.

Also known as: Position Zero.


How easily the content on a website can be discovered, both internally (by users) and externally (by search engines).

Footer Link

Links that appear in the bottom section (or “footer) of a website.

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