Image sitemap

An image sitemap is an XML sitemap file that is designed to show to a search engine the images used on a website.

Inbound link

An inbound link is a link that comes from another website.

Index / Indexing

Index (noun) & Indexing (verb) in SEO can refer to various processes related to being crawled and then stored in a search engine’s database. A webmaster that is having indexing issues is having problems at some stage that is causing a resource or resources not be found (indexed) in a search engine.


How easily a search engine bot can understand and add a webpage to its index.

Indexed Page

A webpage that has been discovered by a crawler, has been added to a search engine  index,  and is eligible to appear in search results for relevant queries.

Inbound Link

A link to a webpage that originates from an external website. For example, if Search Engine Journal were to link to Google, that would count as an inbound link on Google’s side; if Google were to link to Search Engine Journal, that would be an inbound link on SEJ’s side.


The database search engines use to store and retrieve information gathered during the crawling process.

Information Architecture

How a website is organized and where various content and navigational elements are located on webpages.

Information Retrieval

The process of searching for information (e.g., text, images, video) from a large database and then presenting the most relevant information to an end user.

Internal Link

are links that go from one page on a domain to a different page on the same domain. They are commonly used in main navigation. These type oflinks are useful for three reasons: They allow users to navigate a website. They help establish information hierarchy for the given website.

IP Address

An Internet Protocol Address. IP addresses can be:

  • Shared: Numerous websites share an address within one server or a group of servers (a.k.a., virtual hosting).
  • Dedicated: A website has its own address.

Neither will help you rank better; however, a dedicated IP address can increase site speed.

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