Alt Text Issue


My marketgoo Report lists pages as lacking Alt Text but I already added it, or I don't have the ability to add it from my Web Editor.

Please perform the following checks to determine the exact cause of the issue:


Check the image links that appear in your Report as having no Alt Tags. See if it contains .gif at the end like the following examples:

  • Line 1363: <img src="//<a href=""></a>" />
  • Line 1324: <img src="//<a href=""></a>" />


Now, if you're on Weebly and if this appears and includes, this refers to the RSS icon which means that marketgoo is reading it as an image file, but because it is part of the website template and is set by default for most people who have a blog, you can't modify it through your Site Editor.  We recommend you skip the task once you have identified this and kindly inform us if you have encountered this case.

If the case above doesn't apply to you, and you're positive you've added the alt-text to the image in question, go to the page it's on and right-click with your mouse. 

  • Choose the option 'View Source Code'. 
  • On your keyboard, press CTRL+F (or cmd+F on Mac) and paste (CTRL+V or cmd+V) the image link that is being marked as missing Alt Text. It should highlight the area on the page where your image is.
  • If there isn't a text next to it that says "alt =", then it doesn't have Alt Text. IF it does, and your Report still says it doesn't, then please log a support case so we can escalate to our development team and check why they’re not being detected. If not, go to the next step below.

This is 'alt =' is what you're looking for. Source .

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