How can I add more websites with my marketgoo account?

You can add more websites to optimise with your existing marketgoo account/s by following this click path:
For marketgoo for Weebly
1. Go to Weebly appstore, search for marketgoo app
2. Select 'Your Website on the top right'
3. Click on 'Add a new site'
4. select on the subscription type you would like and go through the wizard.
You can add more sites just as much as you want, but keep in mind that every new website you will optimize accounts as a new subscription. If you are on basic/PRO account and will add a new site, you will need to choose again unless otherwise, you have selected the same subscription.
For other channels via Partners 
Kindly contact the partner support of your respective subscription providers. (, Miss hosting, Vendasta etc.) Note that marketgoo does not handle billing for partner customers so it is important that you contact your CMS providers first that has the marketgoo license to properly assign your other account. 
Added subscriptions will always count as a new subscription and will be counted towards existing subscription unless you have specifically created an entirely new account using a new email address. 
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