When to contact Weebly Support when using marketgoo

marketgoo is a third party application being offered on the official Weebly appstore: 


and this means that the support would only be exclusive to the use of marketgoo through Weebly. However, there are times that marketgoo will refer you directly to Weebly to settle issues that can only be changed through their platform. 

(Note:  marketgoo does not and will not change anything on your Weebly account)

We will need to refer you to Weebly for the following circumstances:

  • Billing on your Weebly account
  • Changing settings on your Weebly account that is not within marketgoo platform (Except for cancellation and subscription)
  • Issues with your SSL certificate 

For any questions feel free to reach out to support@marketgoo.com.

Weebly support can be reached here:

00 1 844-493-3259


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