Fix duplicate webpage titles on your website task

On Weebly, pages that are either Category pages or Archive pages on your blog are not easy to change regarding titles and descriptions. In fact, you probably can't even find where to edit the specific pages pointed out so when you see "category" and "archive" in errors such as duplicate or missing titles and descriptions, in Weebly that's not something you can easily fix, and they won't give you that much trouble in Google because your blog category or archive pages are rarely pages that a visitor will land on directly.


You can go ahead and dismiss that task, for the reason that in Weebly these changes are not easy to make. We're working on having these specific pages not show up in your errors, as there is no straightforward way to fix them.

Many Weebly users are actually waiting for this option to happen. As referenced here:

There are some workarounds though for this issue, say for example you can take a look at this tool:


You can tag each post with a category in the "Post options" section. If you do not want the archive section, you are able to delete it and can even rename the "categories" if you want to have it say something else.

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