marketgoo settings update 2020

With our latest update, we have re-designed our settings page completely to make it easier for our users to access marketgoo's most essential configurations. With the new settings page, we put together all the sections necessary for you to get started with your marketgoo account. 

Company profile

Here you can set up your business information, SEO target country, define your website goals, localization of your business and Language settings that support changing to 9 languages. ( English US, English UK, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish and Swedish)

Tracked keywords

Add, remove and Track your keyword rankings as well as research keywords through our own marketgoo keyword research tool. You can also use our suggested keyword automatically generated for your website once marketgoo does the scanning.

Adding your marketgoo keywords


Here you can add, remove and spy competitors if they track the same keywords as you. You can check here their progress compared to your own website so you can have the advantage to form a strategic campaign using your competitor data.

Adding your marketgoo competitors

Email settings

Add your website manager or agency that uses your marketgoo account or someone who helps you with marketgoo.

Google Analytics 

Connect and update your Google Analytics account.

Connecting Google Analytics account with marketgoo

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