Troubleshooting Common SEO issues

Solving Common SEO Problems

If you're having trouble with our SEO plugin, the solution might be listed below.

Your Keywords Aren't Ranking

You've chosen keywords, added competitors, and optimized your pages, but your keywords still aren't ranking. Here's how to troubleshoot:

  1. Test Your Website Indexing: Type "site:" followed by your website URL into Google's search bar (e.g., ""). If no results show up, your site isn't indexed by search engines.

If your site shows up but your keywords aren't ranking, it might be due to:

  • New Website: Search engines prefer older websites. If your site is new (less than a few months old), give it some time.
  • Broad Keywords: Your keywords might be too general and have too much competition. Research and choose specific, relevant keywords for your business.
  • Low Ranking: Only the top 100 pages of Google's results are detected. If your keywords aren't in the top 100, they won't show as ranked.
  • Insufficient Content: More pages and content make your site more relevant. Create more pages and look at your competitors' sites for ideas.

No Traffic to Your Content

If your new website isn't showing up in Google after 4 days to 4 weeks, consider these potential issues:

  • www vs. Non-www Domain: Make sure both versions of your site (e.g., and are added to your Google Webmasters Tool and indexed.
  • Google Hasn't Found Your Site: If your site is new, give it time. Make sure your sitemap is working and ask Google to crawl and fetch your site.
  • Blocked by robots.txt: If your site is blocked, remove the entry from the robots.txt file.
  • Missing sitemap.xml: Your site should have a sitemap.xml. It's a guide for Google to index your site.
  • Crawl Errors: Google may not index pages it can't crawl.
  • Duplicate Content: Too much identical content can confuse search engines. Make sure each URL has unique content.
  • Privacy Settings Turned On: Check if you've accidentally kept the privacy settings on.
  • Blocked by .htaccess: Your .htaccess file could be blocking crawlers.
  • NOINDEX in Meta Tag: If you have NOINDEX meta tags, search engines won't index your site.
  • AJAX/JavaScript Issues: Misconfigurations with AJAX pages or JavaScript execution can prevent indexing.
  • Slow Site: If your site loads slowly, Google may not index it.
  • Frequent Hosting Outages: If your host has frequent downtime, your site might not get crawled or indexed.
  • De-Indexed: If your site was penalized and removed from the index, you'll need to resolve the issue causing the penalty.

If your issue isn't listed here, feel free to reach out to our support team with a detailed description of your problem. [Support Link]

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