How should you read your marketgoo WordPress SEO Plugin Score

Understanding Your SEO Score

Your SEO score is a dynamic number that updates every day and every time you make changes to your website using the marketgoo plugin. This score is the result of a comprehensive scan of your entire website, reflecting the impact of your SEO-related changes.

Here's how your SEO score can benefit you:

  • Tracking Progress: Your SEO score acts like a growth chart for your website's SEO health. It helps you understand how your SEO strategies are working, serving as a performance indicator that you can track from the short to long term. A rising score over time indicates that your efforts are paying off.
  • Spotting Problems: If your score takes a significant dip, it's a red flag. It suggests there might be issues on your website that are negatively impacting your SEO and need your immediate attention. These issues could range from broken links, poor keyword optimization, to slow page load times.
  • Benchmarking Performance: Your SEO score isn't just about you—it's also about your competition. Compare your SEO score with those of other websites in your niche. This gives you a relative performance measure, helping you understand where you stand in the competitive landscape.

Remember, completing tasks to optimize your pages can help lift your SEO score. However, SEO is not a one-time task—it's a journey. Regular monitoring and maintenance of your site, along with continuous optimization, are key to sustaining and improving your SEO score over the long term.

Interpreting Your SEO Score

  • Measure Your Success: Look at your SEO score as a progress report. It's an indicator of your website's short-term and long-term performance in terms of SEO. A steady or increasing score signifies that your SEO strategies are working well.
  • Identify Potential Problems: Major fluctuations in your score should not be ignored. They often point to issues on your site that could be hampering its SEO performance. Keep an eye out for these shifts and investigate promptly to prevent potential damage to your site's SEO.
  • Assess Your Efforts: Each task you complete using the marketgoo tool contributes to your SEO improvement. Tracking these tasks and the corresponding changes in your score will show you if you're moving in the right direction and help you tweak your strategies as needed.
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