How to add your keywords

One of the most important things to set up within the tool are your keywords.

Your keywords or your SEO keywords are the main words and phrases in your website content that makes it possible for people to find your site via website search engines. A website that is well optimized for search engines makes it easier for search engines to understand your website and to relay the information to your potential website visitors.

Every time you Add a new piece of content or go to your existing content, the plugin automatically exists at the bottom of the page ready to scan your content and optimize it for your chosen focus keyword.

  1. Once you have created a new content or opened an existing content, scroll down at the bottom to access the tool.
  2. You will see an option to add a 'focus keyword'.

  1. Click on the 'Choose a keyword' to search for a keyword. Enter the keyword you would like to use for optimising your content. For example: 'restaurants in london'.

  1. When clicking 'Search', you'll be shown in the Search Results a list with different alternatives to your keyword. You can review the Search Volume for each one and add them with the plus icon.

  1. Once you have selected your keyword, the plugin automatically reads the content and checks if the keyword exists along with checking other relevant tasks to fully optimize the content for your selected keyword.


  • If you are optimizing your keyword and website for global audience instead of one country, always select United States as a target country.
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