How to Optimize a Page

Mastering Page Optimization with the marketgoo Plugin

The marketgoo plugin equips you with the tools to significantly enhance the SEO value of your website's pages. By deploying a 'focus keyword' for each piece of content, you deliver clear signals to search engines about the content's relevance, thereby bolstering your site's search engine ranking over time.

Follow these steps to harness the power of marketgoo for your page optimization:

  1. Identify Untapped Potential: Access the marketgoo interface and navigate to the 'SEO Toolkit'. From there, select 'Optimize' to discover a list of pages on your site yet to be fully optimized.
  2. Establish a Focus Keyword: Whenever you create or modify content, marketgoo actively scans for the assignment of a focus keyword - a term or phrase you deem crucial for search engine recognition.
  3. Embark on a Series of Optimization Tasks: Once you've determined a focus keyword for a particular page, marketgoo presents a task list designed to guide you towards full optimization. These tasks can be completed one page at a time, or across multiple pages in parallel, depending on your preferred workflow.
  4. Track Your SEO Progress: Upon reaching 100% optimization for a page, your SEO score, a measure of your page's search engine readiness, will update automatically.

Remember, SEO is not a one-time endeavor but an ongoing commitment. Regular content optimization and diligent focus keyword updates are vital strategies to sustain and enhance your site's performance over the long haul.

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