Step-by-Step Guide to Utilizing the AI Meta Description Feature *New*

Key Details:

  • The recommended length for titles is set at 50 characters, while meta descriptions should ideally span 150 characters.
  • Generated titles and meta descriptions align with the language used in the page's content.
  • Crucially, our tool currently caps the number of daily attempts to generate meta tags to three per plan (totalling three attempts for AI meta tags).
  • The AI-powered generator only springs into action if there have been changes to the page's content since the last attempt or if the user has modified the focus keyword. In such cases, users receive a notification.

You may follow this comprehensive step-by-step guide to leverage this cutting-edge tool effectively:

Step 1: Access the Optimize Tab

From your marketgoo dashboard, navigate to the "Optimize" tab. Here, you'll find a list of your website's pages, ready for optimization.

Step 2: Identify Pages Requiring Meta Descriptions

Depending on the current status of each page scanned by marketgoo, you'll be prompted to address various optimization tasks. Look for the task that pertains to adding a meta description. This task will indicate that a meta description is either missing or needs improvement.

Step 3: Generate with AI

Once you've identified the task requiring a meta description, click on it to delve into the details. Scroll down within the task, and there, you'll find a prominently placed button labeled "Generate with AI."

Step 4: Witness the AI-Powered Magic

Upon clicking the "Generate with AI" button, the advanced AI engine will work its magic. Within moments, a meticulously optimized meta description will be generated, precisely tailored to enhance the page's visibility and click-through potential.

Step 5: Up to Three Attempts

Marketgoo's AI-powered generator grants you the flexibility of up to three daily attempts to generate meta descriptions. However, it's essential to note that you must update the existing meta description before initiating a new attempt. This ensures that each iteration contributes to your website's continuous optimization journey.

For a visual walkthrough of the steps outlined above, watch the accompanying video below to witness firsthand how simple and effective this feature can be in transforming your website's SEO game. Let the power of AI propel your online presence to new heights! 🚀

Upcoming Expansion: In the near future, we have exciting plans to extend this feature to our WordPress customers, granting them access to the AI-powered meta tags generator starting next month. This enhancement is poised to elevate the SEO capabilities of WordPress users, further optimizing their online presence.

If you have any questions you may always reach out to our support team at!

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