My industry is boring, how can keep it interesting on Pinterest?

The most common fear or complaint we get is that a business has a non-visual product, and it’s hard to get creative with that. This is not an excuse! Take some time to explore brands that are in ‘boring’ industries, and start brainstorming on applying their best practises to your own Pinterest profile. For instance, Sherwin Williams Paints is a good example of a great Pinterest profile. Their core business is paint, but they have a ton of boards to inspire you with colour matching, design, DIY tips and tricks, and even some vintage ads and products. As for small businesses, what you need to do is get even more creative, and expand on your idea of what your business is. You don’t have to get literal on Pinterest and only pin your products; if there are things tangentially related to your business or industry, explore them. A good example of an SMB that has done well on Pinterest is Constant Contact. Their product is software, but their Pinterest has boards for Small Business Quotes, Marketing Tips, Humour, and they’ve gotten their users to generate pins for them.

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