What are some Pinterest best practises?

  • Make sure your profile is set to public. In “Search Privacy”, you can hide your Pinterest profile from search engines like Google. Make sure your settings indicate “no”.
  • Include thePin-It button on your site pages
  • Add the Pinterest Icon to your site, so visitors can check out your Pinterest Profile.
  • Use keywords in your board descriptions.
  • Keep your five most popular and populated boards on top.
  • Use keywords in pin descriptions
  • Look at what your followers are pinning; these are things they enjoy and are important to them.
  • Consistently comment on Pins (adding value, not saying something like ‘cool!”)
  • Put discount coupons exclusively on Pinterest
  • Search periodically for a particular topic to see what others have pinned.
  • Browse the “Popular” pins section to see what is trending.
  • Use these sites to get inspiration for your boards:
    •  StumbleUpon – sign up and you will be introduced to new content that fits your interests
    •  Paper.li – create your own newspaper, tailored ro fir your interests!
    • Instagram – this network has beautiful pictures, do a hashtag search and you will find beautiful pictures

Engage with your followers. When logged in to your Pinterest account, go to http://pinterest.com/source/yourwebsite.com and replace yourwebsite.com with your website's domain. Then you'll see all of the images people have pinned from it, and you can thank them!

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