My industry is boring, how can I keep it interesting on Instagram?

It’s only as boring as you make it! The key is to be clever and different in the photos you post. Try to put yourself in your customer’s mindset: what would you find interesting? If you could see the people behind a business would it make it more personable? Would you ‘like’ that post? Could you post ‘a day in the life of’ one of your managers, or maybe ask your clients to take a picture with your product? If you offer a service rather than a product, you can still make an emotional connection to your service through photos.

For instance, tax services provider H&R Block is in the tax services industry. You'd think it couldn't get more boring, but they manage to pique your curiosity:

Conveying a part of your corporate culture, such as behind the scenes shots, an employee of the month, an office pet, etc will also put your brand in context. Citrix shared a photo of their employees on Christmas:

Take advantage of Special Dates and Holidays to make them about your brand! Intel put some binary code on a heart shaped candy and encourage followers to comment.

Include quotes that convey the essence of your brand and corporate culture, like Intuit:

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