What general guidelines can I follow to get started on my Instagram plan?

  • Answer every single comment.
  • Remember that you may have many goals for your instagram account, but they should be aligned with your business objectives. To drive traffic back to your website, be sure to include the link to your site in the ‘location’ field when you post a picture, or in the caption say “please follow  the link in our profile for more information”.
  • Want to see how many website visitors you are getting from Instagram? Try to use a link shortener  (bit.ly, or goo.gl are good), so when you check Google Analytics, you will know who decided to visit your website after seeing your Instagram profile.
  • Include text in your pictures - to announce a sale, to send a message to your customers, to include a memorable quote. Use a free service like Canva to do a text overlay, or an app like Notegraphy to create beautiful notes. Check out how HubSpot uses a 'text' post to direct the audience to a blog post: http://instagram.com/p/ud_morjxOq/?modal=true
  • Add Hashtags - use hashtags to classify your photos, and study your target audience- what hashtags do they often use? Keep tabs on which ones get you more engagement. You can use Iconosquare to see your profile statistics, as well as perform searches for different topics and hashtags to see how popular they are on Instagram.
  • Always include a Call-to-Action - whether it is to visit your website, engage with the post, or perform some other actions, every post should have a purpose.
  • Never forget to make your posts it relatable and consistent with the essence of your brand!
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