Will Instagram help my SEO?

It can help you drive more visits to your site, and most importantly, gain more customers. You need to make sure this happens by taking advantage of the profile information section: include an image (preferably your logo) and a link to your website. Sharing interesting photos is a good way to attract attention for your brand, as well as using hashtags and keywords relevant to your brand - making it easy for people to quickly find your photos and for you to increase engagement with the photos you share.

  • Hashtags need to be relevant to your brand and your message. It’s good if it is a popular hashtag, but make sure it makes sense to include it in your caption.
  • Creating a custom hashtag is a great way to organize and promote contests when using Instagram.
  • Don’t use too many hashtags, which aside from annoying users, can render them even less effective than if you had not used any.
  • Be aware of popular hashtags and keywords.
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