What are Backlinks?

Backlinks or inbound links are the links from outer websites that your site receives. These links are one of the main factors to position in search engines and you would be unable to reach high rankings without getting good links.

It is very important to get links continuously for months to strengthen the popularity of your website and improve ranking. Fortunately, marketgoo provides you with various resources to get quality links and outperform your competition. 

Important concepts:

When someone writes a web link pointing to your website, you get an inbound link. Outgoing links are the links from your site to other sites you recommended.

Not all links are of equal value. So do not try to get the maximum number of links. Links are more or less valuable according to various factors. Links would come if you do regular internet actions like participating in forums or blogs. Do not buy links at all.

Good quality links:

  • Links with keywords in the anchor text. For example if your goal is to be positioned for "iphone headphones for running", get a link containing those words would be good. The text used to link to your site (technically known as "anchor text" or "visible text") is an important factor in search engine rankings. These text links should vary but should at least contain one or some of your keywords.
  • Links from a relevant web page. The links from a page related to your business are worth more. A web page is relevant to you when you understand that visitors to this site may be interested in visiting yours too.
  • The link must be well located. Preferably a link that appears within the content is better to a link at the side or footer of the external web page. Search engines will give greater value to the links within the content of a page relevant to those who are located in secondary areas.
  • The website on which the link appears is reliable. There are links that can harm your popularity. For example, reciprocal links that other webmasters may ask you to include or links from websites of questionable content.
  • Links does not lead the "nofollow" attribute. The nofollow tag is a HTML code that is not directly visible but tells search engines not to follow the link. Such links do not necessary improve the rank of your website but can be positive to bring more visitors.  


Getting quality links can be a difficult activity as you need to combine different strategies to be continuously generating links. marketgoo offers you various task forces for links: Get similar links that your competitors have, submit content to websites and newspaper articles, some local websites and a wide range of tips for getting links. 

And of course, monitor the performance of your efforts on a monthly basis with the Results section!

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