Settings Tab

The Settings section is where you manage your keywords and competitors. You can also fill out your company profile, set email preferences, and connect your Google Analytics account.

Company profile

After selecting the Settings tab, select Company profile from the menu on the left.

To complete your company profile, fill out the following fields:

  • Name of your business or brand - This is an optional field. If you would like to, enter the name of your business or brand.
  • SEO Target Country Country Select the country that your business resides in. Choose either the United States, or select "Choose a different country" and select the appropriate country from the dropdown. If you are a global company, we recommend selecting United States as a default.
  • Your Website's Main Goal - Select the primary goal of your website from the list.
  • Is your business local? - select either "No, I sell nationwide or overseas" or "Yes, I only sell in my city or nearby." If you select "Yes," you will be prompted to enter your business location.
  • Interface Preferred Language Choose your preferred language from the dropdown.

Once you've completed the above fields, click Save settings at the bottom.

Tracked Keywords

Manage your tracked keywords and perform keyword research

Email Notifications

Manage your email preferences


To link your Google Analytics account, click Connect.

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