Your SEO Plan

Your SEO plan displays the summary of your performance in terms of website success. It is determined by a proprietary algorithm that calculates your site’s performance on a large number of factors, both external (Things outside your website) and internal (Within your website). These factors are still weighted differently and include, among others, your completion of the tasks inside the SEO tool.

In this section, you also have access to the following features:

  • Your marketgoo score - As you optimize your site, you can see how your score changes
  • Download Monthly Report - Download your report in a PDF format for sharing

Site Tasks

Probably one of the most important features of the tool, the Site task section displays at a glance the current status of your website’s optimization and lets you know if your site has any technical issues that you should be aware of, such as your site's size, speed, redirects, and error pages. Each of these contributes to your visitors' experience, and if these elements aren't optimized, not only will your visitors leave your page, but your position in search engines may be affected.

It also provides you with tasks to complete in order to resolve any technical issues found on your site and to improve your site's content and mobile readiness. As you progress, you’ll get closer to improving your website and achieving your SEO goals.

You can also find in this section the highlights for user experience elements of your website. If potential visitors see clear and accurate titles and descriptions of your site in a search engine result, it will drive more traffic to your website. And once on your site, if visitors see your web pages have detailed, up-to-date, and useful content, your site is more likely to rank higher. This is very helpful in sending traffic to your website because they act as summaries of your site content, helping your potential visitors to identify what it's about. The issues detected can also be fixed on demand so no need to go around looking for the next task to be done.

And as many web searches are done from mobile devices these days, so it’s important that your site is optimized for phones and tablets. Otherwise, Google may demote your rankings in the smartphone search results. With site task section it includes scanning of how fast your site loads and how mobile-friendly it is. Don’t be alarmed if your site doesn’t pass. The tool will always give you an overview of any problems your site has and how you can fix them.

Quick note, in general, there are three things you want to watch out for when it comes to mobile SEO:

  • Blocked JavaScript, CSS, and image files - Make sure each of these elements on your site aren't blocked and can be seen on a mobile device.
  • Unplayable Content - Make sure that video content can be played on a mobile device.
  • Slow page load - Make sure that your pages don't load too slowly.

To complete each task under Site task:

  1. Click on any pending task.
  2. To mark the task as complete, while it's expanded, click Done! Check it now.

Optimize your Pages

This is an overview of all the available scanned pages of your website ready for optimizing. This is linked to the optimization tool found within the Optimize tab allows you to select pages to optimize and assign a keyword to each, understand what your page or post is about in order to increase your rankings over time.

Once you have selected the keyword for a particular page, a list of tasks will be displayed. Complete all the tasks in order to reach 100% optimized status for that page. You can work to optimize pages to 100% one at a time, or you can optimize several pages at once.

Your tracked keywords

In the Keyword Rankings section, you can view how your keywords are ranked for your primarily for Google and how they fare on the top 100 pages of searches.


The more popular your site is, the higher it will rank with search engines. This section shows the measure of links pointing to your website, or what we call, backlinks. The more links your website has, the more credible your website is. This section displays how many valuable good-quality websites currently link to your website and the progress of your website in terms of receiving backlinks over a period of time.

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