How does Optimise your pages feature work?


One of marketgoo's key selling points is this feature, now available in both Basic and Pro Accounts that you can access directly anywhere you are inside the platform so you would always be reminded that you need to optimize your website. This dynamic page optimization tool where you can select your monitored keywords and assign them to each page on your site helps you to fix and improve the content of every page for the keyword you assigned, making it friendlier and easier for search engines to access in order to increase your rankings over time.

How to Optimise your pages:

1. First, go to your marketgoo account and click on the upper right side of the tab that says " Optimise Your Pages", then scroll down at the bottom of the screen and look for "Add new pages to optimise". From here, you will see the detected pages of your website that is possible to be improved, you need to select one from each pages where you will optimise a Keyword.

2. Once you have selected a page to optimise, you need to select the keyword that you will use for the optimisation. You can only select one keyword at a time, so you have to be careful selecting which keywords would you need to optimise first. We recommend to optimise the keywords that best describes your industry or your website, with a moderate search volume and gradually update it over time.

3. Once you have finished selecting the page and the keywords, now its time to start optimising the pages for the keywords. When you click on the page that you have selected, it will show a list of tasks that you need to accomplish for reaching the full 100% optimised status of each page. 

remember that you will need to finish each tasks to get through the 100% optimised status.

4. Once completed, you may move on to the next page you would like to optimise or work on each pages simultaneously. marketgoo allows up optimising of several pages at once, so you can start optimising for each.

Go to your marketgoo account now to use this feature.

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