How does marketgoo SEO Work? [2021]

Note: OPTIMIZE YOUR PAGES feature is now available one BASIC/Lite accounts. Get to know more about this feature here.

What is marketgoo?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization in simple terms is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.

marketgoo SEO tool is an easy to use (Do-it-Yourself) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool designed and built for Small and Medium Businesses. It helps you optimize your website for search engines like Google to improve your website ranking, which leads to more traffic or user visits to your website.

To benefit from our SEO tool you don't need to be an expert in SEO nor have a lot of technical knowledge. Our tool demonstrates in easy to follow steps what you can do to optimise your website and shows your progress.

How does marketgoo work?

marketgoo analyzes your website on an ongoing basis to create a comprehensive report in an easy to read an overview and a customized SEO action Plan. At marketgoo, we have always aimed to bring the easy and accessible platform to SMBs and partners alike, bringing all of our existing and potential users to have the easiest and most cost-effective way of engaging with their website SEO. 

Is marketgoo for you?

If you are a small or medium business and interested with getting familiar in the world of the SEO industry, working to drive more traffic, pushing to increase sales, or building your brand awareness, then marketgoo is the tool for you. Want to track keywords for your site? We made it even smarter. Want to scan for issues that could be affecting your SEO efforts? We have it ready to scan and provide you with even deeper insights! Want to see how your rankings stack up compared to your competition? 

So without further ado, let's get you up and running with marketgoo!

Getting Started   

Signing Up with marketgoo

One place, All-in: Overview

We have put together everything in one place, all the summary of activities that are vital to your marketgoo Journey are all accessible from here. No more looking for the tasks, all is ready for you to get going with improving your site SEO.

This section is composed of the following:

Your marketgoo Score Progress   

The marketgoo Score tab has been re-designed to display your rank in terms of website success determined by a proprietary algorithm that calculates your site’s performance on a large number of factors, both external and internal. These factors are still weighted differently and include, among others, the number of visitors, backlinks and how your website is accessed through mobile devices. Just remember that the score is not a measurement of your progress in the tool, even though your work can be slightly reflected. Rather it bears a more important function as an indicator that compares your site with the real market statistics within the past 3 months and the last 15 days. 

Here you can do the following:

  • Download Monthly Report - Download a copy of your monthly marketgoo Progress report readily available as a PDF format document  you can easily share with your team or website administrators.
  • Re-Scan - Allows you to execute an on demand scanning of your marketgoo account to update the tasks and trigger analysis of your website pages for optimization

SEO Progress 

Your SEO score progress will display the current status of your over all marketgoo SEO account. This area links to the task  and the marketgoo On Page optimization summary to which you can dig deeper with prioritizing and understanding what improvements and corrections your website needs as a whole. Under this section we have wrapped all the familiar marketgoo dashboard points and tucked them neatly so you can explore it all at a glance.

This section gives you direct access to the following:

Your Site Traffic  

Here marketgoo provides a brief summary of your website ranking through an algorithm that is linked to the search engine based on traffic estimation of your website and its global position based on Alexa™ rank. It may take a while until you have enough visitors to display any data, especially if your site is new so we also recommend linking your Google Analytics account for in-depth data analysis which this section gives you direct access to.

Search Indexing Status  

This section displayed how your site is received by the top Search Engines. You can see when your page has been indexed by Google, Bing   and   Yahoo. If your site is brand new, it will usually take 8-10 weeks for your site to be found. It will take at least several months, for your site to see significant changes with rankings.

Keyword Rankings  

Check out how your site is ranking for your selected keywords with the main Search Engines; Google, Bing   and   Yahoo. You can see how well you are doing on the keywords you are tracking within the last 15 days up to the last 3 months and be able to compare this to your business and website competitors.


Know how much percentage of the tasks have you achieved and need to work on. This shows the rate at which you are progressing with improving your website for you to always be on track with your SEO goals. 

Site review  

Site Review section lets you know if your site has any technical issues that you should be aware of, say for example your site's size, speed, redirects, and error pages, among other things that contribute to your visitors' experience and let's you work on them on the spot. This section displays the issues detected by marketgoo and you have the ability to "Fix the Issues" on demand as they are detected.

On Page Optimisation  

This section highlights key elements where search engines focus on a website like user experience, whether it seems built for people and not search engines. If potential visitors see clear and accurate titles and descriptions of your site in a search engine result. Which triggers users that they are more likely to click on it than on one that doesn't make sense to them. 

The items in this section are helpful in sending traffic to your website because they act as summaries of your site content, helping your potential visitors to identify what it's about. The issues detected can also be fixed on demand so no need going around looking for the next task to be done.


With the current SEO trends, it is true that most searches are done from mobile devices, so it is extremely important that your site is optimized for phones and tablets. This section shows how fast your site loads and tells you what you can do to make it faster and notifies you the issues with accessing the version of your website on a mobile device and helps you fix it right away.


This section displays the total number of pages of your website are being optimized for SEO through this feature. This tool will help you to optimize your page content by analyzing the pages of your website where you can best position your chosen keywords and develop better on-page SEO.

As one of marketgoo's key selling points, you can also access it directly anywhere you are inside the platform so you would always be reminded that you need to optimize your website. This dynamic page optimization tool where you can select your monitored keywords and assign them to each page on your site helps you improve the content of every page for the keyword you have chosen, making it friendlier and easier for search engines to access in order to increase your rankings over time.


Shows the percentage at which you have completed the tasks for making your site popular with Search Engines so you would always be in the know how far you are achieving with your website popularity.

The more popular your site is, the higher it will rank with search engines, that is why it is important to work on increasing the popularity of your site. Popularity is measured by the number of links pointing to your website. The more links, the more credible your website is. marketgoo analyses the number of links and tells you industry tested ways on how you can increase them.

The Social Media Signals section has also been removed from the product due to social media platforms deprecating their APIs. After Twitter removed access to social media signal information, later came Google + and Linkedin leaving only Facebook sharing this data for now. We believe social media platforms play an important role on search engine optimization and we'll be working on bringing back the functionality in the future. We see value for social media SEO more relying on social media as a traffic channel and less on signals and thats the path we'll be taking soon.


We put away all the clutter of managing all your important factors in improving your website. This section lets you manage your keywords and competitors as well as your configuration data, Email preferences and Google analytics so you can always go back in one place to set it all up. 

Useful Guide for settings:

marketgoo settings Update (New!)

Managing Keywords 

Managing Competitors

Google Analytics


View your profile, access your billing history or update your card details all in one place.

For further information regarding this guide feel free to reach out at or access the in-app chat box for Direct, Weebly and marketgoo reseller accounts. 

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